About Shareeka
“Shareeka”: a step towards enhancing gender economic equality in Palestine, a project implemented by Nisaa FM which is the only radio station for women in Palestine, and in cooperation with Canada Feminist Fund. Nisaa FM started the implementation of the project Shareeka in December/2019 to July/2020 to raise awareness of Palestinian women on gender discrimination they face at work place and on their economic rights. The project included many activities which are being implemented by Nisaa FM,

Radio Episodes

In cooperation with Canada feminist fund

Episode One: An Introductory about gender discrimination in the labor market

Implemented on Sunday, February 9th /2020 From 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Episode guests:

  1. Dr. Aisha Al-Rifai - researcher and national consultant on gender-based violence
  2. Mahmoud Al-Franjie, Coordinator of the Council for Human Rights Organizations

The first episode talked about what is meant by the discrimination between male and female on the basis of gender in the workplace, and the most prominent discriminatory practices on the basis of gender in the labor market and its impact on the situation of women's rights, and the importance of raising awareness and raising women's awareness of their right to work